Why Pixel Perfect Prolab

Accuracy, Consistency, Quality… Guaranteed.

At Pixel Perfect, we don’t just promise accuracy and consistency. We guarantee it. Our internationally acclaimed colour-control strategies deliver perfect results – first time, every time.

When you work with Pixel Perfect Prolab, you will join a group of award-winning photographic artists from around the world who use us to deliver their amazing images to clients, exhibitions & awards.

We promise you the same high level of professional results in all our services… at a value price. Our mission is to help you save money and time, help you gain more clients and ensure you retain key customers.

General Policies

Colour Management – At Pixel Perfect, we use the highest level of colour management linearization to deliver consistent colour, even over time. A file printed today and again in a year (within certain tight tolerances) will produce identical prints.

Profiles & soft-proofing – Over the 17 year period that Pixel has been operating, we have developed our own unique ICC colour profiles for all of our printers. These spectrophotometer-created ICC profiles (available free here) allow you to achieve unparalleled colour accuracy. When you use our colour profiles to soft-proof your images in Photoshop, you get true WYSIWYG. And what you see on your profiled graphics monitor is what we’ll deliver to you in print, guaranteed.

Technical Support – Having our highly trained technical support team available to work with you is a major part of what makes us exceptional in our field. We firmly believe that partnering with clients and sharing responsibility for the work is what sets Pixel Perfect apart.

Pricing  – We Keep it simple: 
Print prices are calculated per square inch for both photo media and inkjet media

Time Tested & Trusted Printing – Pixel Perfect Prolab has grown even during down market cycles largely because of our colour management, quality products, and fair policies. Because we constantly endeavour to be a trusted print partner, we enjoy the continued business from hundreds of clients worldwide. The client testimonials we receive echo our commitment to quality, precision and service.

Photo Printing
Durst Lambda Printer – We are one of the last Pro Labs in the country that continue to maintain and use the Lambda C type Printers. They are unparalleled in quality and our photo printing standard is always at 400 dpi on the Lambda printer, and printed at no extra cost. You get the ultimate in photo printing quality and savings at the same time, an advantage you may not get with less meticulous printers.

Media Quality – Pixel Perfect Prolab uses only the world’s finest professional photo media from Kodak and Fuji. Our premium media (Metallic, Fuji Flex, Fuji Pearl) deliver stunning prints your clients will love.
Inkjet Printing
Canvas & Art Paper – We use Fine Art inkjet printers primarily to create archival Canvas and Art Paper Prints (not photo prints).

Prepress Proofs – Our advanced colour management allows us to offer low-cost proofs compliant with the Australian and International Standard AS/ISO 1264702  www.colourstandards.com.au

Archival Inks & Media – We use superb 10 and 12-colour printers from market leaders Epson and Hewlett Packard. Each media is carefully linearized and profiled using on-board or standalone top quality spectrophotometers.

Printers – Pixel Perfect is proud to offer you prints made on the amazing Epson 9900 (44”) and the Epson P20070 (64”)

Photobooks – Thanks to Asukabook, a dramatic innovation in printing technology, we can now offer Photobooks superbly printed and bound by hand to impress your clients. Asukabook’s are printed on powerful HP Indigo printers, using up to six electro-inks to deliver the same outstanding results of a large format press. From one book file, it is easy to create multiple versions and sizes, increasing revenue opportunities for your business.

Every page of the book is protected with a laminate durable finish. Choose from varnish, gloss laminate or matt laminate to avoid damage from accidental spills or sticky fingerprints. Asukabook features its own patented layflat binding system, and selected Asukabook products also come with top quality printed covers and slipcases. These added features make your photobook product even more valuable. Quality control is all part of the package. Every page of every book is hand-checked before your book is assembled. We reprint and laminate any pages that don’t meet rigorous standards.

Superior quality printing.

You can be confident that we use the highest quality products and only the best process for photo printing.