Kevin Kubota

//Kevin Kubota

We’d like to thank you for providing a long overdue service to the professional digital photographer – perfectly color managed, consistent, high quality digital printing.

It’s ironic that is had to come from a lab halfway around the globe! Actually, our clients are quite impressed when we tell them we use a lab all the way in Australia for our printing. They seem to find it rather “cool”. When they ask, “why Australia?”, we reply, “Because they offer the best digital prints we have found anywhere, AND they are actually quicker than our local lab!”

I have worked with digital imaging and printing services for almost 10 years and have had many frustrating experiences trying to educate my local labs on color management and the value of consistency. Your combination of knowledgeable color experts, high quality equipment, and top notch customer service is truly unique – here, there, or anywhere in the world.

Thanks again for your commitment to quality and service that matches the goals and expectations we set for our own studio.


Kevin Kubota, President
Kubota Photo-Design Inc., Bend, Oregon USA

Kevin Kubota

PresidentKubota Photo-Design Inc