Andrew Hellmich M. Photog

//Andrew Hellmich M. Photog

Impact Images would not be the business it is today if it wasn’t for our partnership with Pixel Perfect.

There is one thing that Pixel Perfect did for us that no other printer could come close to – they provided prints that match what we see on our monitors. There is nothing else I wanted from a printer and I was sold on that fact alone. But, they take it further.

If myself or any of our team members have had an issue with colour, Nadish has only been a phone call away. If anyone knows colour and getting it right for a photographic studio it’s Nadish. I’m 100% certain that he knows so much about colour, he has probably forgotten more about it than I will ever know about it. And that’s the beauty, I don’t have to know, I have a colour expert only a phone call away.

At times, we have buggered up an order or have an urgent request and although I hate having those sort of pressures placed on me, Jo seems to naturally take it in her stride. We know at our studio that if there is any issue with fast turn around, a late print addition to an order or special printing requirements, a simple call or email to Jo and she is on the case and somehow waves her magic wand around the Pixel Perfect halls and things just happen.

If I was to hand out a gold star for customer service from any of our suppliers, Jo would be first in line!

After a ten year relationship with Pixel Perfect, there hasn’t been a day when I have considered printing elsewhere – I’ve never had a reason to… ever.

If there are any start up business out there, or anyone having troubles with your printing or colour, do yourself a favour, save yourself a lot of hassle and give Pixel Perfect a call.

It’ll be the best thing you ever do if you want to concentrate on running a successful photographic business.

Thanks again guys and here’s to another great ten years ahead!

Andrew Hellmich  M. Photog
Prinicipal Photographer
Impact Images

Andrew Hellmich M. Photog

Impact Images