Framing, Mounting & Acrylics

Pixel Perfect offer a very wide range of framing, mounting, laminating and acrylic options to give you a one stop shop approach to completing your photographic printing process and having a complete artwork ready to display. We also offer laminating for an extra layer of protection and easy handling of you prints and canvas’. The Pixel Perfect Team is among Australia’s most experienced in framing, mounting and laminating. We make sure that all the materials we use are premium and that our finishing techniques are exemplary.


Pixel Perfect offers a huge range of quality photo finishes help you complete your printing process and give you an incredible result that will last for a lifetime.

We take fine art photography seriously and believe it deserves a beautiful frame or mount. We can either deliver the finished product in bubble wrap to our store location or carefully pack your work for domestic or international shipping if required. Let us handle all your needs.

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Acrylic Photo Stands and Photo Blocks


Acrylics are super smooth and strong, ideal for mounting of high gloss prints. Clear acrylic is also used for face mounting where the print is mounted under the acrylic using optically clear adhesive. We supply acrylics in 3, 6 and 10 mm.

Acrylic Float Frames

These are the classic acrylic wall panels – frameless, stylish and offset or floating off the wall. They come ready to hang with a sturdy hidden backing frame. Acrylic Float Frames are a great alternative to framing. They have that classic modern look, with brilliant colours from the acrylic and nice spatial effects from the offset. Edges are diamond polished to a sparkle adding fine detail.

A specially constructed hidden metal frame attaches to the back of our Acrylic Float Frames giving the acrylic its strength and is the means of hanging. We supply a hanging bracket that mates to the frame. Hanging with this system is simple and secure.

Acrylic Float Frames make a great alternative to traditional framing if you want a classic contemporary look. The frameless floating effect is timeless and have great applications in home, office or in galleries and art spaces. They are robust and are not prone to breakage in shipping and transport.

Acrylic Float Frames comes in 3mm, 6mm and 10mm. They come standard with a hanging bracket, but other alternatives such as D Rings are available.

Acrylic Art frame Black Edging

Our Acrylic Artframes have the classic block mount look – clean, borderless and frameless and of a substantial thickness of 25mm to provide rigidity and 3D relief from the wall. They are made of high tech materials and finished with a metal trim and wire hanger, so that product is lightweight, very durable and ready to hang.

Applications of Acrylic Artframes are wide ranging from home and office decorations to photo exhibitions.

Acrylic Artframes come in a 25mm thickness and trim is in black or metallic. Wire hanger is included

Acrylic Art Frame Silver Edging

Our Acrylic Artframes have the classic block mount look – clean, borderless and frameless and of a substantial thickness of 25mm to provide rigidity and 3D relief from the wall. They are made of high tech materials and finished with a metal trim and wire hanger, so that product is lightweight, very durable and ready to hang.

Applications of Acrylic Artframes are wide ranging from home and office decorations to photo exhibitions.

Acrylic Artframes come in a 25mm thickness and trim is in black or metallic. Wire hanger is included

Acrylic Meranti Frames

Meranti is a light red timber with a beautiful ribbon like grain. We make them into a frame profile purpose designed for acrylics with a shadow line and substantial sides to nicely accentuate the image. The profile works equally well with small and large works, a great advantage when designing a collection of works. Acrylic Meranti Frames are very strong and can be made into very large works. They can also be shipped successfully with the correct packaging.

Acrylic Meranti Frames have a pre-made slot in the frame for hanging on a hanging bar. This makes hanging easy and secure. We can also supply normal hanging like D Rings and security brackets.

Consider Acrylic Meranti Frames if you want a look which is fresh, unique and truly classy.

Acrylic Bolted Frames

Acrylics work well with our standoff bolts to create permanent installations for artwork. The metallic bolts are integrated into the artwork creating a modern looking piece which is securely fixed to wall. These are great for offices, museums and other high traffic spaces. They can also be used as signage, architectural displays and information plaques.

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be created with bolts through a clear border of acrylic or with bolts in corners of actual art. Both look great, but bolt placement must be carefully considered in the initial design. We normally use thicker acrylics of 8 or 10mm for Acrylic Bolted Frames and supply finished product with a diamond polished edge.

Acrylic Bolted Frames can be supplied as a double acrylic layer such that artwork is sandwiched between the layers. This option is great if graphics needs to be interchanged but is not recommended for high end works or for larger pieces.

Acrylic Blocks

Our free standing Acrylic Blocks make great desk and shelf displays. Made in 20 or 30mm acrylic, the depth of these blocks provides a fantastic 3D look. The edges are diamond polished and hand finished to a fine detail which accentuates the appearance of the product.

Acrylic Blocks are perfect for the home or as gifts. They also make great plaques, awards and presentation pieces. Acrylic Blocks come in 20 or 30mm and have a thin white backing, sealing the back against moisture and damage. The 20mm is suitable for up to A5 size and the 30mm up to A4.

We also make stands for our Acrylic Blocks in black or white acrylic and we recommend these for larger sizes or where you want additional stability.

Acrylic Stands

Our Acrylic Stands are made from 10mm acrylic, constructed in 1 piece and hand finished to a high detail. They look elegant and much classier than ordinary photo frames. The one-piece construct makes them very robust and long lasting.

Acrylic Stands are perfect for the home or as gifts. They make great photo pieces from those special occasions such as weddings, babies and family events.

Acrylic Stands can be made in sizes up to A3 and is available with a black or white base.

Acrylic Block Backs
Acrylic Back


  • If ordering a PHOTO STAND, please specify if you would like black or white acrylic for the backing stand
  • ACRYLIC STANDS and BLOCKS can only be used with Kodak Gloss or Fuji Pearl paper types

Mount Boards


Styrene (or HIPS) is a low cost flexible backing. It is smooth and doesn’t dent because of its dense makeup. Available in white or black and in 1mm


Foamboard is a low cost lightweight board for general purpose mounting and as a backing in frames. It is constructed with paper on both faces and a polyfoam core. Foamboard is very light and easy to handle and relatively inexpensive, but it is prone to bowing and dents easily. We supply Foamboard in 5 and 10mm.


Gatorboard is a lightweight board which is strong and resists bowing. It has a polyfoam core, but the facing material is melamine impregnated to give it a hard surface. Gatorboards are much stronger than ordinary Foamboards and less prone to bowing making them the board of choice for large works, longer term applications and as a premium backing in frames. We supply Gatorboards in 5, 10 and 20 mm. The 10 and 20 mm comes with a black or white edging as a finish.

Customwood or MDF

Customwood or MDF are wood fibre panels. They are smooth and strong, but heavy. Good as a general-purpose mounting option where weight is not an issue. We supply Customwood in 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm.


Forex is a foamed PVC, lightweight and strong, but not entirely rigid. Main applications are in display and point of sale and can also be used short term outdoors. Available in 3 and 5 mm and in white and black. Also available in super oversize 2m x 3m.


Alupanels are aluminium skinned composite boards with a poly core. The aluminium gives these boards great strength, smoothness and archival properties. Alupanels are used in high end archival mounting.


Cards (or Screen boards) are a low-cost mounting option most commonly used in point of sale applications. We supply in 0.5, 1 and 2 mm. We also have an archival option in 1.6 mm for art applications.

Edging Colours

Edgings for Gataboard

Canvas Stretching

Stretch Frame Canvas

Hangers, Fixtures, and Fittings

D Ring & Wire

These are our standard hangers for small frames. We use these for frames up to A1 size. Larger frames should be hung from 2 points such as with the Two D Rings or security brackets

Two D Rings

These are very flexible hangers – can be fitted to 2 hooks or screws or hung from a track hanging system. A range of sizes is available for heavier frames.

Security Brackets

These can be used as standard hangers fitted over 2 hooks or screws or as security brackets by fitting over 2 screws and sliding sideways.

Sawtooth Hangers

These fit over 2 screws but allow some sideways movement for final positional adjustment.

Assorted Fixtures and Fittings

Board Hangers

Lightweight String Hangers

Lightweight string hangers are a cheap effective method of hanging light weight boards. They work well for Foamboards, Artmounts, Gatorboards, Kapamounts, cards, etc. Holds up to 2 kgs

Wood Hangers

Wood Hangers consist of a strip of MDF with 2 D Rings and a wire. They are used in heavier or larger foamboards (from 2kgs to 10kgs) and in heavier boards like MDF. Can also be used as 2 D Ring without the wire.

Metal Hanger

Metal Hangers consists of a metal strip with 2 D Rings and a wire. They hold heavier boards (from 2kgs to 10kgs) and are especially good with Aluminium, Alupanel and Acrylics.

Push In D Rings

These are D Rings with prongs designed to push in, lock and hold on foamboards. Works on 5mm, 10mm and 20mm boards. They can be attached anywhere on the board and a pair spaced apart does a good job of holding landscape panels securely. Will hold up to 8kgs per pair.

Heavy Board Hangers

Wooden Split Batten

These consist of 2 wooden rails with one edge cut at 45 degrees. One rail is glued to the back of board and other is screwed to wall. The rail on board interlocks to the one on wall and panel sits securely once hung. This system will hold heavy boards of more then 10kgs and can be designed to hold extra weight by designing the size of the batten. Split Batten systems makes hanging heavy jobs simple. The positioning and fixing is done with the wall batten only. Once wall batten is fixed, the panel is lifted onto the batten.

Metal Split Batten

These consist of 2 metal rails with an interlocking profile. They work in a similar fashion to wooden split battens, but the metal profile is slim line with just a 5mm depth. This provides for little gap between board and wall in situations where minimum separation is desired.

Metal Split Battens also work well with Acrylics, Aluminium and Alupanel as it bonds well to these materials. In addition, they have better archival properties when matching to archival mounts.

U Channel Frames

U Channel Frames are made from specially designed U-shaped aluminium extrusions with one longer leg and an interlocking profile. They are designed to glue to the back of boards as a hidden backing frame.

These U channel frames are designed to stiffen the board as well as providing the hanging point. Furthermore, they provide spacing from the wall or a floating effect to the finished works. U Channel Frames work with any boards but are especially good with acrylics where there is no ability attach fixings with screws.

U Channel Frames are normally hung from a matching U Channel hanger or rail. These match and lock onto the frame much like a split baton. As an alternative, we can fit 2 D Rings onto the frame.

Small & Large U channels

U Channel frames come in 2 sizes -the small (12mm) size and the large (23mm) size. Large U Channel frames are joined on corners with metal joiners for additional strength

Superior quality printing.

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