Artwork Reproduction

Are you looking to create an income from your existing artwork? We can capture your paintings, drawings, sketches, or whatever you may have to an ultra high resolution digital file. This will allow you to create prints of your work which can be sold as prints in any size you wish. You can also create limited edition print runs, whatever you choose and its all possible with Pixel Perfect.

We use a medium format Sinar Bellows Camera with the ultimate in Capture backs, the Phase One Power Phase FX medium format Capture back. This allow us to capture 16 bit files at 300ppi and create files up to 378MB is size. From here we supply you with an 8 bit corrected file which will give you the freedom to create whatever print file size you choose.

Pixel uses its stringent colour management processes in this workflow along with all the others to make sure you get themost accurate reproduction of your artworks possible.

Pricing is $140 per scan, with 50% discount for stitched artworks (extra scans for 1 artwork) or artworks that are larger that 120cm x 150cm. For these we can take multiple images and stitch them seamlessly.

We can also bring our camera and full lighting set up to you, and capture your work in your home or studio. Call us for more details 02 9319 0455

The original work on the right with the 1:1 reproduction on the left. Blue Flowers by Garry McEwan @garry_mcewan.

Superior quality printing.

You can be confident that we use the highest quality products and only the best process for photo printing.