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SOMNIA: Eternal State of Dreaming

Auvro Adhikari, Daina Curci, Sarah Cooper, Angi Kim, Davor Jakovljevic, Ryan McNamara, Vianna Nguyen, Holly Stanton, Timothy Zhang and Vanessa Zhang

Special guest speaker at opening: Tony Mott

Wednesday 10th – Tuesday 16th December 2014 10 AM – 6 PM

Opening reception Wednesday 10th December 6-8 PM

Dates Exhibition open from Wednesday 10th till Tuesday 16th December 2014
Opening Hours Thursday - Tuesday 10 AM – 6 PM
Opening Night Opening reception Wednesday 10th December 2014 6-8 PM
Location X88 Gallery, 88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
More info Contact us at [email protected]


TRIBE PHOTO democratizes photography by turning remote villagers into photographers enabling them to sell their best work and us to gain a unique insight into their world.

How many of you have old digital cameras lying around on a shelf, never to be used again? We have a suggestion that not only finds new life for your old camera, but it helps people in remote villages who wish to become photographers. Pixel Perfect is partnering with Tribe Photo to collect old working digital cameras from volunteers. Tribe Photo will establish "camera stores” in remote villages, run by a local village partner, and rent these cameras out at a nominal rate (about 10c per day). Tribe Photo will then offer free training and a platform for these villagers to sell their best work online. The photographer will get to keep half of the money made through selling, with the other half split between the local store partner and Tribe Photo.

Which sort of cameras can I give?
Any working digital camera with a working battery and charger. Whether an old point-and-shoot or a DSLR it doesn't matter. Basically these just need to be old but in good working order.

1. Working digital camera.
2. Working battery.
3. Working battery charger.

Where do I send it?
Pixel Perfect Prolab, 90 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia.

What do I get for it?
This is primarily about you giving opportunity to others less fortunate. Thank you in advance for your support!! You will be listed as a Donor on the Tribe Photo website if you include your details when you send in your old camera.

How do I find out more about Tribe Photo?
Their website is and Facebook page is here. They are raising funds through a Kickstarter campaign right now. Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here.

2014 Holiday Schedule

Holiday Season

Last ASUKABOOK jobs accepted for normal delivery prior to Christmas 2014 Tue 11th Nov 2014
Last ASUKABOOK jobs accepted for RUSH delivery prior to Christmas 2014 Tue 18th Nov 2014
Pixel Perfect
Holiday Season
Last jobs accepted for mounting, acrylic or courier delivery Fri 05th Dec 2014
Last printing jobs accepted for over-counter delivery Fri 16th Dec 2014
Pixel Perfect Prolab ceases printing for 2014 5pm, Fri 19th Dec 2014
Pixel Perfect Prolab open for collection and delivery only. 9am till noon. Noon, Mon 22nd Dec 2014
Pixel Perfect Prolab will reopen 9am on Mon 12th Jan 2015

Pixel Perfect 2014 Monthly Specials


Each month we offer you new items to promote to your customers. The offer will be valid for the entire month and hopefully you can entice your customers to take up these great specials. Specials may also be used as studio samples!

Our usual $25 minimum order as well as interstate packing fees for mounted prints both apply.

VIP customers please note that no other discounts apply.

Check out the calendar below and start planning your promotions today!

Feel free to call us with any questions or suggestions.



Situated at 88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, X88 is Sydney's latest photographic gallery in the heart of Chippendale Creative Precinct! An exciting collaboration between FujiFilm Australia and Pixel Perfect Prolab, the X in the X88 logo echoes FujiFilm's outstanding X range of cameras. The 88 is of course, our street number.

A clean white minimalist interior hides unique features of this advanced gallery.
A conventional gallery hanging system is available for framed art, but for photographers looking for the ultimate flexibility & simplicity, we have clad the walls entirely with steel so an entire exhibition can now be "hung” in minutes using our amazing neodymium magnet system!

And our laser alignment system further speeds up the "hanging” process.
X88 Gallery is a whole new concept with a level of convenience unmatched by any other gallery.

For more info on our amazingly affordable packages go to


  • Incredibly user-friendly hanging!
  • Hang framed-art using our wire or nylon hook system.
  • Hang unmounted prints using our amazing neodymium magnetic system!
  • Fantastic laser-leveling system dramatically reduces setup time!
  • Awesome glare-free halogen lighting.
  • Two street level windows can be hung double-sided.
  • Discounted Pixel Perfect printing.
  • Free case of wine for your opening.
  • Free 200 single-sided invitations.
  • Lots of art-loving passing traffic.
  • Promotion on Pixel Perfect website and Facebook page.
  • Free newsletter sent to extensive Pixel Perfect email list.

x88 gallery

URL: | E-Mail: [email protected]
Phone: 61-2-9319 0455 Fax: 61-2-8905 9003
90 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia

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