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Pixel Perfect proudly presents a seminar by the accomplished Mark Galer, Senior Lecturer at RMIT University on the BA Photography program (the oldest photography course in the world). Mark is the author of 27 books (17 different titles) for the international publisher Focal Press and a regular contributor to Australian Photographic magazines. More at &

*EVERY participant receives ONE 24x30 inch Fuji Lustre print valued at $59.45
PLUS TWO Spyder Cubes will be drawn each $94
PLUS One Asukabook EX 5x5 of 20 sides @ $118 will be drawn
PLUS Free download of a chapter titled "Special Effects” from Mark's new book
PLUS More great surprises on the day

All for just $160 inc GST (up to 05/07) or $199 (from 06/07)
**AIPP Members $128 inc GST (up to 05/07) or $159.20 (from 06/07)
Date: Wednesday July 11, 2012
Venue: 90 Abercrombie St, Chippendale, 2008
Map Link :
Time: 9.30 am to 5.00 pm


*Free print is for pickup. Freight charges are extra.
**AIPP members must indicate their Membership Number. Only AIPP members can receive CPD credits.


Download full seminar details as a PDF

Session 1
In the first session Mark Galer will discuss some of the amazing new features to be found in Photoshop CS6 that will be of particular interest to photographers. Among the many new features to be found in CS6 he will be reviewing the improvements made to Adobe Camera Raw 7, the powerful new Adaptive Wide Angle filter and the improved video editing capability.

The new 2012 Process Version found in Adobe Camera Raw 7 is a complete overhaul to the previous 2010 version and offers significant advantages to processing Raw files. The tonal sliders in the Basic panel have undergone a complete revision for 2012 and these changes flow through to both the Adjustment Brush and Graduated Filters. Mark will guide you through the changes to the new Process Version and give you an overview of some of the least known aspects of creating a fast and efficient workflow when working in Adobe Camera Raw.

The Adaptive Wide Angle filter is a great new feature that enables astonishing corrections of distortions introduced by extreme wide-angle, fish-eye lenses and panoramic images.

The new editing capabilities found in Photoshop CS6 will enable photographers to created sophisticated and stylized short-form video content utilizing the powerful adjustment tools that cannot be found in Adobe Premiere or Apple Final Cut Pro.

Session 2
In the second session mark will demonstrate how to implement a completely non-destructive smart-object workflow using Adobe software and Raw images. This session will point you in the direction for maximizing the quality of your images and will also provide you with a workflow to future-proof your post-production editing. As Raw processing engines improve this will enable users to revisit their master Photoshop files and extract even more quality. Mark will also demonstrate how to overcome any limitations that a smart object workflow may seemingly impose and show how this non-destructive workflow can be applied to video layers just as easily as still image layers. Mark will outline how Photoshop and Photoshop Lightroom can work together to form an elegant, fast and efficient streamlined partnership.

This second session will also look at automation through the creation of actions and droplets to further enhance your productivity. Mark will outline how images can be seamlessly uploaded to social media sites and processed to client specifications with drag and drop simplicity.

Mark will be providing attendees with a bunch of his own maximum performance actions that fast track some popular special effects. These include actions for the creation of:

Smooth Tone
High Impact effect
Faux Holga effect
Selective Grading
Faux HDR
High Key effect
Tilt Shift effect

Session 3
In the last session Mark will reveal many of the essential professional techniques for advanced retouching, seamless compositing and colour grading. These techniques are designed to give any professional photographer's work the edge, or the 'Wow factor' that clients are looking for. Mark will show you how you can fast-track the compositing workflow though appropriate capture technqiues and go on to discuss how a combination of retouching, grading and compositing techniques can help a photographer create a signature style. These techniques will help photographers expand their photographic horizons and give them the ability to discuss a range of appropriate treatments with clients.

Mark will give top tips for combining blend modes and the Refine Edge/Mask feature to create professional composites. These techniques will allow users to combine the most challenging of subjects including hair, smoke and water and to combine elements captured in the studio with elements captured on location.

The session will expand your knowledge about:
Advanced masking techniques including luminosity masks
Blend Modes
Alpha channels
Selection Tools

The session will conclude with a few tips about how you can prepare your files for professional-quality print production that will keep your commercial clients happy and please the judges for national photographic awards.

Final Q&A Session
No stone is left unturned and no question left unanswered. Mark provides answers to all of your questions and provides advice on where to go next to get additional support and guidance so that your post-production skills can go from strength to strength.

Download full seminar details as a PDF

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90 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW, 2008, Australia
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