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Tuesday 27th May – Sunday 8th June 2014

Friday May 30th 6-8 pm
Please join us!
All proceeds raised from the sale of this work will be donated to
Tungaru Central Hospital, Tarawa

"We may be beyond redemption. We may be at the point of no return, where the emissions in the atmosphere will carry on contributing to climate change, to produce a sea-level change so in time our small nation will be submerged”
Anote Tong-President of Kiribati-June 2008

This statement by the president polarised a climate change conference in New Zealand in 2008.

His central Pacific island nation of Kiribati (pronounced Kirr-i-bas) consists of 32 coral atolls and one raised limestone island with an average height-above-sea-level of only two metres. The islands are nestled around the Equator and stretched across two million square miles of ocean.

Extreme weather events are eroding the landmass, salinizing arable land and contaminating the delicate fresh water lenses under the narrow atolls. For the former British protectorate (known as the Gilbert and Ellice Islands until the mid 70's) It's all about water, there is too much salt water surrounding the islands and not enough fresh water under them.

As some of the outer islands become uninhabitable many make the move onto the main island of Tarawa, which now has a population density of 5,200 people per square kilometre-which equates to London's.

This strains the natural resources to breaking point with every inch of land now taken up with dwellings there is little room for the living, let alone the dead. Full graveyards means loved ones must be buried alongside homes; and shallow hand dug wells used for drinking and cooking. Toxins and contaminates leach into the shallow fresh water supply.

A lack of clean water is a major contributor to the infant mortality rate, which is the highest in the Western Pacific and more than five times that of Australia. 1 in 20 babies born on Tarawa will not reach their first birthday due to illnesses related to unclean drinking water.

In 2013 Kiribati purchased 6000 acres of land on the Fijian Island of Vanua Levu, officially to grow food for the island nation.

All proceeds raised from the sale of this work will be donated to Tungaru Central Hospital, Tarawa

Dates Exhibition open from Tuesday 27th May until Sunday 8th June 2014
Opening Hours Monday to Saturday 11am – 6pm
Saturday 10am – 3pm
Opening Night Opening reception Friday 30th May 2014 6-8 pm
Location X88 Gallery, 88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, NSW 2008
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Mike Bowers-Photojournalist

Mike Bowers found his passion for photography while still at school. One of his teachers inspired him to a life long love affair with images.

After working in the darkrooms of The Australian National University and memorable years printing glass plate negatives at The Australian War memorial he embarked on a career in photojournalism.

Mike spent 14 years in the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery working for a variety of publications including The Australian, The Age, BRW, Time, The Daily Telegraph and The Sydney Morning Herald. He has covered eight Federal election campaigns and has accompanied three prime ministers on assignments both around Australia and overseas. The recent 2014 federal budget was his twenty-fifth; he worked exclusively for the Guardian Australia.

Mike has covered conflicts in Cambodia, Kosovo, Bougainville, PNG and The Middle East. When the boxing day Tsunami struck Indonesia Mike travelled to Banda Aceh to document the devastation.

He is a multiple Walkley Award Finalist, has won Nikon-Press Photographer of the Year awards in the category of Photographic Essay and Portraiture and won the 2012 Kennedy Award for Outstanding Photographic Essay.

He was Pictorial Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald from 2001-2008. Mike was appointed Chief Photographer before striking out on his own in late 2008; He has published 4 books, Gallipoli Untold Stories, The Big Picture 175 Years of The Sydney Morning Herald and A Century of Pictures, 100 years of Herald photography. His latest book is a joint venture with journalist Paul Daley. Armageddon-trouble on a faded ANZAC trail was published in August 2011.

Mike was Director of Photography at The Global Mail from January 2012 until it's closure in February 2014, he is a regular commentator on ABC radio and TV and host of Talking Pictures on the Insiders program, which airs on ABC 1 and NEWS 24 on Sunday mornings. He is now a regular contributor to Guardian Australia and travelled with the leaders during the 2013 election campaign, working for the Guardians #PoliticsLive blog.

A portrait of Prime Minister Tony Abbott was selected by the National Portrait gallery for inclusion in the 2014 National Photographic Portrait Prize.

He lives in Sydney with his wife ABC Journalist Paula Kruger and his son Oscar 10, his daughter Ashla 5, and a very troublesome Labrador named Tommy.

8th to 10th June 2014

We look forward to seeing you at one of the most exciting events of the year: THE 2014 NIKON AIPP EVENT, Sunday 8th to Tuesday 10th June 2014.

Three days of amazing speakers and events.

As always, we look forward to showing you the latest & greatest from Asukabook and Pixel Perfect.

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Situated at 88 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, X88 is Sydney's latest photographic gallery. An exciting collaboration between FujiFilm Australia and Pixel Perfect Pro Lab, the X in our logo echoes FujiFilm's outstanding X range of cameras.

A clean white minimalist interior hides the unique features of this advanced gallery. A conventional wire-based gallery hanging system is available for framed art, but for photographers on a budget we have clad the walls entirely with steel. An entire exhibition can now be "hung” in minutes using magnets!!
X88 Gallery is available for hire.
For more info on our amazingly affordable packages go to


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