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/Framing Mounting & Acrylics

We offer a very wide range of framing, mounting and laminating options for an extra layer of protection and easy handling.The Pixel Perfect Team is among Australia’s most experienced in framing, mounting and laminating.We make sure that all the materials we use are premium and that our finishing techniques are exemplary.


Pixel Perfect offers a simple but effective range of quality frames and mattes to help you complete your printing process and give you a finished result that will last for a lifetime.

Whether you are an artist in need of fine art photography framing to present your work to its best advantage, or an individual needing a frame for a photo you have just purchased, Pixel Perfect will find the combination that best suits your work. We take fine art photography seriously and believe it deserves a beautiful frame.

We can either deliver the finished product in bubble wrap to our store location or carefully pack your work for domestic or international shipping if required. Let us handle all your needs. Check here for pricing

Acrylic Photo Stands and Photo Blocks

Acrylics in Photo Mounting
Acrylics are a fantastic mounting media for photos, especially when applied using good face-mount techniques where the photo is mounted acrylic. The clarity and sparkle of the acrylic enhances the colours and vibrancy of your image while also providing protection and rigidity. The finished product look fantastic, is very Acrylic face-mounting and can offer a range of innovative products to enhance your photos.

Acrylics by their nature are hygroscopic, and will on very rare occasions have problems of outgasng; showing up as bubbles under a mounted print. Although we only have the highest quality acrylic to minimise this problem it is impossible to totally eliminate it. Customers using acrylic as a mounting medium please be aware.

Acrylic Float Frames
This is the basic Acrylic mount – done in 3,6 or 10mm with diamond polished edges and with a hidden aluminium backing frame. The Acrylic is spaced or ‘floats’ off the wall by 12mm.

Acrylic Alupanel
In this product, the acrylic is backed with an aluminium panel producing a very strong sandwich panel. Looks fantastic and is very durable – it comes with your choice of hanging system.

Acrylic Gatapanel
In this product, the Acrylic is backed with a 10mm Gataboard and finished with a black or white edging. Acrylic Gatapanel is relatively lightweight with a black or white edge providing a nice dimension to the finished product – comes ready to hang.

Acrylic Stands
Fantastic freestanding product, made with 10mm Acrylic to give added strength – available in black or white base.

Acrylic Blocks
These thick acrylic blocks give a fantastic dept and sparkle to your image. No stands are required, giving them a clean elegant look – available in 20 or 30mm

Mounting Materials Gataboard, Customwood and Alupanel



Premium mounting board.
Very smooth, lightweight and strong with an extra tough skin.
Available with your choice of Black or White edges
5mm cannot be edged -standard product is white.
5mm black Gataboard is available at 15% surcharge.


Very good low cost general purpose mount board, but is heavy. Also known as Blockmount.
Can be profile cut.


Aluminium skinned composite board.
Very strong but lightweight.
Very smooth surface for premium mounting.

Hanger types for Gataboard, Customwood and Alupanel

Small & Large Lightweight Hanger Used for Gataboard
Small Wooden Hanger with D-Ring. Used for Alupanel
Small Wooden Hanger with stapled cord. Used for CustomWood

Used for Acrylic Float Frames